Prints will always look better than the images on your screen. Images used for printing your photographs are of the best possible quality.

Prints are available in two finishes, glossy and matte.
Glossy finish is the shiny, rich-looking paper most people are commonly used to. Colors often appear more saturated on glossy paper, but fingerprints show more readily.

Matte finish is a highly textured print finish that resists fingerprints and scratches. A matte finish tends to reduce glare. Choosing between glossy and matte is strictly personal taste; there is no right or wrong choice.

Chosing a finish is a matter of personal preference. Both work well. The glossy finish will be a little sharper; the matte finish will be a little softer.

All printing is doneby a professional photo lab. Glossy and matte finishes are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II photo paper with 50+ years archival quality before fading may occur. This is one of the highest-quality fine-art photographic papers available today, with a superior archival lifetime and museum-quality characteristics.

Sizing & Cropping:
Sizes listed are paper sizes and may or may not be the same as the final image size on the paper. The majority of images on this site are a 2:3 aspect ratio, prints come in a variety of aspect ratios. When preparing your order I will crop the image to the aspect ratio of the paper when possible. When this is not possible (due to cropping out important details from the photo) the image will be sized so that it fills the long dimension of the print, leaving some amount of blank space at the top and bottom.

Prints typically take 2-4 days, canvas prints take 5-6 days. Keep in mind that these are estimated times to print only and do not include shipping times. These are guidelines only and may vary during busy periods.

Other Photos not available on this site.
If you have seen other photos from my other websites (Webshots,Flickr,or that you would like prints from feel free to email desribing what photo it is you would like. Also if there's a special cropping you would like for a photo please feel free to email me.

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